Lip Plumping Devices

Lip plumpers are a non-invasive, safe, and affordable way to get big, pouty lips instantly! These lip-enhancing devices gently boost the blood flow to the capillaries in your lips by using suction pressure. This temporary effect can last up to 30-40 hours, depending on the user. These lip-plumping tools are the perfect alternative to expensive and painful lip injections and lip-augmentation surgery.

Self-suction plumpers do not need any external assistance or maintenance. They are easy to operate and portable. Some of these devices also have added anti-aging benefits such as reducing lip lines, fine lines, and drooping angles. - Wrinklee.com

Higher-quality lip plumpers come with more than one mouthpiece designed to accommodate different mouth shapes. The majority of mouthpieces have an oval shape. People with round faces may want a circular mouthpiece, though not all lip plumper devices include one. Pay attention to mouthpiece shape before committing to a device. - Wrinklee