Facial Steamers

Steaming helps open your pores and clears your sinuses. Steaming releases toxins from your skin, loosens dirt and debris in your pores, and allows the products you apply afterward to penetrate deeper.

Elevating your skin-care routine with one of the best facial steamers makes detoxifying, purifying and hydrating your skin an easy and therapeutic feat. Harnessing the power of nano-ionic technology and replicating popular spa facial sauna treatments, these innovative skin-care devices convert water into a micro-fine steam mist that deeply penetrates the skin and opens the pores, which has a powerful cleansing and exfoliating effect - Wrinklee.com

The best facial steamers also boast several benefits outside of the realms of skin care. Their concentrated steam flow is beneficial for those suffering from sinus pressure and congestion, as it opens and clears them. Facial steamers can also be used as vessels to diffuse essential oils, which offer rejuvenating and calming effects for mind and body. - Wrinklee.com